On The Compassion Wagon

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Have you ever thought about how fascinating it all is... YOU and ME cohabitating on this amazing planet which is full of wonder and beauty, yet we feel so scared and angry over all the injustice and suffering?

Not knowing how we can stand in solidarity with others? Not knowing if the information we receive is true or false? Deluded by our political systems? Feeling discontent? Imagine a world where this just didn’t happen.

My name is Nicola and I am on a mission to build a more compassionate and creative planet where we begin to recognise and appreciate all its beauty. When I talk about beauty I am speaking about tapping into our authentic selves by connecting with our creative pursuits.

When I talk about compassion I am not talking about the absence of conflict, but more about the ability to cope with conflict and find solutions.

I have a personal connection with this from taking part in a social media campaign where I felt shamed, I had received a different awareness of the “challenge” and the overwhelm of negativity highlighted to me how quickly people are to shame others.

I watched how peoples opinion’s involved an insult, a belittling and a finger wagging. I see this behaviour repeated in our political systems, our news networks and filtered down into the school playground. Its like a frequency destined to crush our desires and silence us in our persuit of knowledge, understanding and ultimately our happiness.

I am currently leading a movement called On The Compassion Wagon.

This is specifically targeted at people who have a kindling in their belly to create a more balanced planet but feel a lack of connection to themselves and the world around them. But I am also looking for people like you who just bloody care about bringing more compassion into the planet.

COPY and PASTE the paragraph and suggested exapmles:

On Monday the 21st of Septemper it is the International Day of Peace. Lets celebrate and immerse social media with Peace and Compassion. All I’m asking is that you create a post about what a compassionate world means to you and post it with the hashtag #onthecompassionwagon and then share with 7 friends.

Some examples

🌻Take a photo that represents compassion
🌻Write a poem about compassion
🌻Paint a piece of art work about compassion
🌻Write a good news story about compassion

🌻Take a pause before you respond to in anger

🌻Share your favourite film or music which evokes compassion

Who’s in?

All you have to do is post what a compassionate world means to you and use the hashtag #onthecompassionwagon

If you choose to, you can also take the 5 day compassion wagon challenge. To do this download the On The Compassion Wagon Toolkit which includes:

  • A 10 minute 'Mindful Soak' meditation so you can retreat to the bathroom and regain perspective when you feel triggered 🛀
  • 7 questions to ask yourself before you respond in anger
  • Links to some useful resources regarding social change
  • 5 days of reflection and useful prompts to help you keep momentum flowing

Yep give me The Compassion Wagon Tool Kit

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    Let’s cha cha forward and flood social media with all our creative compassion and beauty. Keep spreading the love by spreading the word.